Ivan Baidak

Something Shocking

Do any of you believe in reincarnation?

Because I rather often have the feeling of déjà-vu. I have dreams of places I’ve never been to and am often suprised by parallels with the lives of people who have died long before.

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I like to experiment with myself. Most often by not allowing myself something unnecessary. Throughout the last year, I refused to consume something new each month: sweets, junk food, alcohol, coffee.

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A Text About Choice and Perception

One of the most memorable conversations of my life took place with a man who was about to commit suicide and changed his mind at the last moment. After that he returned home, he put his most important possessions in his backpack and completely changed his life over the course of the next couple of years.

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My top 5 favorite writers

I am often asked to name my TOP-10 chart of favorite books, which is a rather difficult task because the list would be much longer, and it would be very difficult to choose which book to leave out of this rating.

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