You will get what you want when you are ready for that.

No labor is lost. Even the smallest efforts give results with due time. What is important is to contribute regularly.

I used to play football on an amateur team. That was the Lviv oblast championship. We used to play every Sunday. One Sunday I played really badly because I was too anxious. We exercised once a week but I decided to make additional training just for myself before the next game. It was a Friday morning, it rained and it was chilling. Still, I perfected the elements that to my mind needed improving for two hours.

I remember as if it happened today, there was a man passing the field in a mini-bus, who shouted: kick a goal until there’s no one here.

I did as he told me and sent the ball to the goalposts. Two days later I scored two goals and we won 2:1.

I am sure we wouldn’t have done it without my training the previous day.

I keep to this rule up to now. Make small steps to reach a big goal.

You may have no time to gulp a book for an evening. Still, you can read twenty pages every night.

If you find thirty minutes to learn a foreign language, it would give a better result than avoiding to learn it because you do not have enough time.

Your body will be thankful for a 10-minutes workout in the morning.

Any efforts always give you results.

Sometimes you just do not need to focus on that. It is important to teach yourself to enjoy the process. And – what is not the least – not to give up after the first tries.

Once you see the first results, everything will change. It motivates us when we reach success. The result won’t be late in arriving. I promise.

You will get what you want when you are ready for that.

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