Ivan Baidak

Day 5, Prague (A man with my name EuroTour)

I visited Prague long years ago. And I kept a memory of the biggest Rynok Square I’ve ever seen. I still preserve this memory, as we didn’t have much time to learn more.

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Day 4, Berlin (A man with my name EuroTour)


Chamber of stories. European New York. Cradle of Culture. The Tech Start up Volley.

Berlin has so many faces and personalities, so many representations.

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Day 3, Wroclaw (A man with my name EuroTour)

Wroclaw. WrocLove.

The city I’ve lived during 2015-2016, the city I’m finally visiting after those years of separation.

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Day 2, Warsaw (A man with my name EuroTour)

Warsaw feels like home. Cosy atmosphere.

You can also find a Polish translation of my poem

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Day 1, Krakow (A man with my name EuroTour)

So, with a suitcase full of books and Nastka with ukulele (in case people didn’t like my writings) we went off on our Eurotour.

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A man with my name EuroTour

Happy to announce the tour with my latest book “A man with my name”.

During 2 weeks of late October I shall visit the following cities:
Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Berlin, Prague, Munich and Vienna.

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Why I decided to become a writer

For a long time, I was angry that I never went to music school or learned to play the piano as a child. I envy musicians: the language of their craft is universal. It can be heard by all, though each individual understands this language differently. And music has always had a calming effect on me.

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“Everything will be okay” is one of my least favorite phrases.

It’s hardly the case that such a phrase will help a person that came to you for advice or just came to you to get something off his or chest (in such a case, hugs are a much more effective remedy).

“Everything will be okay” marks some kind of undefined point, an incomprehensible theory, according to which it’s not clear what, when and under what circumstances everything will become “okay,”, and how “okay” should be measured in the first place.

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Never limit your choices

What I hate the most is limiting my choices.

Any restrictions provoke a sense of fear and despair. It is vital for me to feel that I have alternatives or the possibility to retreat. To feel empowered to influence the course of my own life, not just to obey what my current circumstances dictate.

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The way I face challenges

When people used to ask me whether I’m able to do something (such as drawing or mixing cocktails, i.e. things I’ve never tried before) I always was given a strong, negative response:
“No, I can’t.”
In this way, I was limiting my own capabilities without even realizing it. And this was a big mistake…

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