My book «Invisible» is considered to be among the best books in Ukraine in 2020 according to PEN Ukraine.

My book «Invisible» is considered to be among the best books in Ukraine in 2020. Thanks, PEN Ukraine.

Once again I want to remind you that «Invisible» is a book about people with an unusual appearance. The book which opposes insult and harassment. It will tell you about feelings and emotions my special characters have to live with, about real situations and conditions they find themselves in, and also about the only thing they ask for – the equality.

We are all equal, whoever we are. We all have feelings no matter how different we look like. I do hope this book will give you a good few hints and will be helpful for those who need it. I do hope the book will encourage to love others and ourselves.


While writing the «Invisible» I was interviewing around 20 special people. As many more have I met in my life learning their stories. While writing the «Invisible» I heard quite a lot of stories.

For example, about a girl and her failed suicide attempt, because she is tired of the daily insults and looks of strangers, unnecessary advice and attempts to “cure” from random benefactors.

About the woman who was brutally played in her youth by a classmate who argued that he would kiss a “monster” by making fun of the whole class, and she will not forget it, and does not know what love is.

About the boy, who has been living alone for ten years, almost never leaves his apartment, because he was once asked not to frighten other, normal people, they convinced that no one needed him, that he would be better off.

About the man who was denied work about a hundred times. Just because he looks “unattractive.”

The fact that more than ten surgaries do not work, the body does not listen and no longer has the strength to fight it.


About how much it is easier to go unnoticed than to explain something to someone.

That you almost always receive insults and remarks, so you always have prepared answers to all possible questions.

And also about hair color you «don`t like», overweight which disturbs you, or the shape of the nose you would like to have changed.

That each person is a secret to himself, and the process of knowledge must end with acceptance. Despite all the pros and cons.


“Invisible” is a book for everyone and about everyone. About our internal conflicts and defects that we would like to correct. About the constant conversations that take place in our heads, about the ways of accepting ourselves and respect for others.

I want to believe that this book will be the key to understanding human nature and provide the right answers to important questions.

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