We win only when we do not have other choices

We win only when we do not have other choices.

I would like to tell you one story. It is about a strong will and concentration.

I have a businessman-friend, who generates money-making ideas non-stop. He is a successful entrepreneur now. But it was not always like that.

He sought and tried lots of different things: he sold bicycles, he opened a fast-food restaurant, he founded a travel agency, he even tried to create a financial pyramid.

All his ideas failed one by one. Still, he managed to cope, as to secure himself, he kept working at construction or as a waiter. That helped him to keep his head above the water but distracted from his main activity.

It looked like that. He had a new idea, he realized it, it failed, he went to work at construction to pay off his debts and not to starve to death. Then he had a new idea.

Within my recollection, he made three cycles. After them, he got exhausted. He was emotionally depleted by his failures and physically tired from non-stop work.

After the recurrent fiasco, he decided to take a break. He gathered his things left his apartment and lived in the street for a month. He just walked around the city, looked at people, ate cheap street-food, slept under the bridge when he realized that he had no chance to fail again. He decided to try one more time. This time everything had to be different.

This time he also did not look for an additional job. As he explained to me later, the side job had to be his safety bag. And that was a mistake. And the main reason for his failure. He used to create a plan B. If something goes wrong, he has an occupation.

His new undertaking did not presuppose such drift of events. He had only one option – he excluded a failure. He just could not lose.

We win only when we have no other chance.

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