I am a fan of sensible procrastination

I am a fan of sensible procrastination.

Moreover, procrastination helps me to realize the plans.

What do I mean?

I never managed to keep within the limits. I was constantly failing the deadlines, despite the ideal planning and thorough timing.

Recently everything has changed.

How comes?

I stopped setting severe deadlines.

If the task used to sound like “to finish before August” now it sounds as “would be nice to do that”.

I do not limit my time anymore. I just set the goal. Focus on the result.

For example, I can set a goal to write a book for three months. As a result, I will be anxious all the time because of the limits I chose myself. That is why I will write it for a year instead.

Or, I can just write. Regularly but without pressure. And finish it in four months.

“To get fit in a year” sounds much better than “get into shape before summer”, especially when you say it in April. It also sounds more realistic.

The trick is to have a sufficient time-supply. To create a feeling that you can always make up for the lost time. To get rid of the time-pressure and stay focused only on the aim.

One should not urge themselves on.

One can always find some time to do what you want.

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