The letters with no addresser. Days of looking for optimism

Day 27

The lost generation meant the youth in the interwar period, for whom the war cut off their dreams and deprived them of prospects, left them no choice, gave them no opportunity to hide, leaving behind only longing and hopelessness…

Yes, we also had plans for life, yes, the war destroyed them, and now we have to be content with what we have, someone is just happy to have remained alive. But I refuse this term that is imposed on us, I believe that a person knows how to be happy under any emotion, that happiness is always a choice.

Let it be said that sadness is often the greatest incentive for artists, we believe that there is a lot of light ahead of us.

At least for today, I hope that the war will not reach a global scale, and that we will become a generation of opportunities, even though sympathetically provided by the civilized world.

Day 28

We have to live on. To love, support, and share. This is what our soldiers are fighting for. No one needs a mask of grief, we have to continue to build our lives, but also work for those who are on the front, so that when they return, they will find a life that they remembered.

I am always in favour of healthy rationalism. Especially when our value system has changed so dramatically. I do not understand those who live as if there is no war, but I also do not support those who sow panic.

Life should not be put on hold or postponed until “better times”. We are given time, and whatever it may be, we must make the most of it.

Frankl said that only those who had a purpose and knew what to live for survived in Auschwitz. A person who has a backbone can overcome any trials: “you can endure any situation, when you know why.”

Day 94

I manage to stay optimistic and balanced, thanks to my adaptive nature. By my nature, I get used to new things very easily, I always accept changes as new beginnings, so I support my friends and understand those who are having a hard time.

Many are dealing with difficult emotions. People are oppressed by uncertainty, and the inability to plan what to do next. This is understandable and justified, as we all strive for stability.

I encourage people to be in the moment, surrender to life and try to find at least some joy in the present as much as possible.
In fact, there is no point in remembering the past, it has been taken away from us, just as there is no point in imagining the future, which does not provide any guarantees.
Such is the nature of life, which, although logically, can be divided into periods, but which in its essence is a consistent line.

Therefore, here and now. It is necessary to concentrate and do something useful, something that the conditions allow, to do something for yourself: learn a new language, exercise your body, gain new skills. It may not be included in our global plans for life, but we should also take some value from this period.

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