Why didn’t I come here earlier? – the first thought in the capital of France. I think our acquaintance would have made significant adjustments in my life. Still, this visit has also left deep impressions.

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The text about firmness of decisions

I take my coffee to go. The setting is San Francisco, Union Square. The university is just 10 minutes away. I usually spend time with my thoughts, pondering over the options of what to do next in life, what to devote myself to, and where those choices can lead me.

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A man with my name Eurotour Summary

I don’t like when it comes to the conclusions. Especially when you have to summarize a nice period. My first European tour brought a lot of emotions, provoked a lot of thoughts and opened up many new opportunities. Six cities, each of which surprised in its way…

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Vienna. The city of history, stories and memories.

Vienna. Another important geographical point in my life. It is very interesting to return to the cities you once lived in, as you never know what you will feel when walking around familiar places. Vienna made me feel proud. The pride of being connected to this Imperial city, in which you are just a tourist today, but once was a permanent resident.

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Day 6, Munich (A man with my name EuroTour)

Munich welcomed us with cold rain and warm hearts. Just like with the entire tour, we only had a few hours to explore the city, meaning to see the central square and taste local food.

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Day 5, Prague (A man with my name EuroTour)

I visited Prague long years ago. And I kept a memory of the biggest Rynok Square I’ve ever seen. I still preserve this memory, as we didn’t have much time to learn more.

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Day 4, Berlin (A man with my name EuroTour)


Chamber of stories. European New York. Cradle of Culture. The Tech Start up Volley.

Berlin has so many faces and personalities, so many representations.

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Day 3, Wroclaw (A man with my name EuroTour)

Wroclaw. WrocLove.

The city I’ve lived during 2015-2016, the city I’m finally visiting after those years of separation.

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Day 2, Warsaw (A man with my name EuroTour)

Warsaw feels like home. Cosy atmosphere.

You can also find a Polish translation of my poem

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Day 1, Krakow (A man with my name EuroTour)

So, with a suitcase full of books and Nastka with ukulele (in case people didn’t like my writings) we went off on our Eurotour.

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