Day 1, Krakow (A man with my name EuroTour)

So, with a suitcase full of books and Nastka with an ukulele (in case people didn’t like my writings) we went off on our Eurotour.

It was a funny thing to explain the body guards the reason of crossing the board with 100 books, but since it was not “more than 2 cigarette packs”, a smile was enough 🙂 Culture above all!

I wasn’t lucky to have even a walk around beautiful Krakow and see some of my old friends, and yeah, heavy suitcases and rucksacks are tiresome (10 more days yet to come) but I was privileged with an amazing audience this evening.

Thanks, Krakow, Thanks, Fundacja Zustricz,

see you tomorrow in Wawa 🙂

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