Ivan Baidak

Do authors write autobiographical stories?

Is your book autobiographical? – one of the most popular questions asked by readers. And yet – one of those questions that do not have an unambiguous answer. For example, is my story “The Man with My Name” autobiographical?

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Five things I would like to tell myself—when I was ten years younger.

Your plans are meaningless. You will have to adapt to new situations, to change priorities, and to realize that your view of the world does not correspond to reality despite your attempts to see it the way you desire. However, you actually will make peace with this. 

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Rules to Live By

I wrote a short story of the same name, where I outlined my attitude to life and its various aspects, my perception of myself, and a list of things I was obliged to do.
Here is my short list:

1. Learn at least one new thing every day, and you will feel your day wasn’t wasted.

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How I treat people: Principles to follow

1. Always be honest! Only tell the truth.
2. Treat everyone equally.
3. Respect the freedom of another person and do not impose your opinions. Be thankful if someone helps. Their help is not an obligation, but a gift.

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The Goals for 2020

This year is special because it closes my third decade. This time is enough to know who you are and what things cost. This time is also enough to compile a long list of failures so that your ambitiousness bombards you with complaints and accusations.

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Why didn’t I come here earlier? – the first thought in the capital of France. I think our acquaintance would have made significant adjustments in my life. Still, this visit has also left deep impressions.

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The text about firmness of decisions

I take my coffee to go. The setting is San Francisco, Union Square. The university is just 10 minutes away. I usually spend time with my thoughts, pondering over the options of what to do next in life, what to devote myself to, and where those choices can lead me.

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A man with my name Eurotour Summary

I don’t like when it comes to the conclusions. Especially when you have to summarize a nice period. My first European tour brought a lot of emotions, provoked a lot of thoughts and opened up many new opportunities. Six cities, each of which surprised in its way…

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Vienna. The city of history, stories and memories.

Vienna. Another important geographical point in my life. It is very interesting to return to the cities you once lived in, as you never know what you will feel when walking around familiar places. Vienna made me feel proud. The pride of being connected to this Imperial city, in which you are just a tourist today, but once was a permanent resident.

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Day 6, Munich (A man with my name EuroTour)

Munich welcomed us with cold rain and warm hearts. Just like with the entire tour, we only had a few hours to explore the city, meaning to see the central square and taste local food.

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