Acquaintance with the characters of the book “Invisible”. Anna

Anna has long acknowledged the fact that she is not like others. She has a hemangioma. You cannot hide this feature, just as there is no point in fighting for the affection of others. There are those who will accept it, and those who will turn away. Anna knows these feelings well, so she decides to dedicate her life to those who society has turned away from, those who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, those who need love. Anna works in a charity organization, she’s really come to understand the depth of life. Throughout the book, she will be the heroine who will support and lift the spirits of others.


“The story I mentioned happened after my next visit to the doctor. My parents and I were travelling home after the checkup. The three of us took our seats on the train. My mother was poring over the papers from the hospital. Father was staring out the window, and I was dozing off to the monotonous chugging of the train. Until another passenger came into our compartment. She said a polite hello, but I immediately disliked her sweet perfume, bright lipstick, and unpleasant, high-pitched voice. The second she plopped down on her bunk, she started making a scene.
“‘Oh god. What’s that? Is it contagious?! What was the conductor thinking?’ the woman yelled in that voice of hers.
“It was all about me, of course.
“The woman wailed that she would not travel in a compartment with a sick child. She demanded that the train be stopped so we could be forced off, even though our papers confirmed that my illness was not contagious. She complained to the train manager. She knocked on the neighbouring compartments to warn the other passengers that there was a monster travelling next to them. Mama yelled at her, Dad tried to calm her down, but she kept yelling accusations at my parents until a crowd gathered outside our compartment. I was sitting with my eyes closed, wishing it would stop.
“Finally, the police arrived, and everyone fell silent. The woman was moved to another compartment. The conductor offered her apologies. The rest of the way, Mama was crying, and Dad tried to reassure me. I couldn’t understand what it was all about, but that was when I shaped my first attitude. It is not my problem. The problem exists, alright, but for me it is not a problem. And if it bothers someone else, it is not my job to fix it.”

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