Why it’s worth failing and making mistakes

People are really afraid to make a mistake. “To be afraid” and “a mistake” are the words usually evoking negative emotions. It seems like I’ve ceased to mind them only recently.

The thing is that everyone is afraid. As well as everyone fails.

The earlier you realize that the easier you’ll put up with that.

When I was afraid to fail, I made it on purpose. I intentionally provoked the conditions and situations in which I made mistakes. Later I saw that it was not a big deal. That is how I stopped being afraid.

When you are afraid, you should admit it.

If you are afraid of public speaking, admit it at the beginning of your talk.

If you have never played bowling, tell your friends, that you are holding the bowl for the first time.

If you are not sure you will cope with the task, ask for help.

It is well-known, that people are disposed to those who acknowledge their weaknesses.

If you make it wrong ten times, you will know ten wrong ways to do something and next time you’ll do it differently.

It is also a sort of creativity.

The main issue is not to perceive challenges as problems, as they are chances to become stronger.

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