The truth is that the balance is unreachable.

The truth is that the balance is unreachable.

We just weigh out the needs, outline the priorities, and then we develop in a chosen direction, neglecting the things we considered to be less important.

For example, one can say, that life consists of these aspects:

              – Career and money

              – A hobby that does not bring any income

              – Physical fitness and mental health

              – Relations with relatives and friends.

Then we will witness such scenes:

If I decide to sacrifice a year for the sake of my work, my financial shape improves quickly. At the same time, I am obliged to give up playing the guitar. I will also gain several kilos and spend less time with my family. And on the opposite, if I visit a gym three times a week, and play my guitar for two hours a day I will have rather moderate financial results.

There are several combinations and in none of them, we can evenly divide our time and develop all the meaningful life-aspects simultaneously. Certainly, we can alternate the activities on different life-stages. We can always cross out one of the points or we can consider a hobby to be our job or vice versa, though the need to earn money will also be the crucial one.

After all, this post is about the constant necessity to choose. One should not reproach themselves or consider themselves to be almighty. It is also about the fact that any success is at the same time sacrifice in something. It is important to choose priorities properly. 

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