The Goals for 2020

This year is special because it closes my third decade. This time is enough to know who you are and what things cost. This time is also enough to compile a long list of failures so that your ambitiousness bombards you with complaints and accusations.

I wanted to promise myself to finally get rid of those ghosts and dedicate a year to closing down the various gestalts, and then I read this story…

Warren Buffett, an entrepreneur, currently the fourth richest man in the world, once asked his pilot to list 25 goals. When he finished, Warren said: now you need to circle 5 major ones and never let yourself think about the rest 20. Otherwise, they will dissipate your attention from the most important.

Each of us has many things we have not once accomplished, which, of course, is biting conscience, but at the same time does not give us the opportunity to return or change everything now. So my only promise that I have to fulfill in the New Year is to let go the things that have been left in the past and focus on what has been given to me now. Here and now. I am sure there is an explanation ahead of why everything happened this way.

Take the step and the road will appear on its own, – Steve Jobs said. We have not learned how to travel in time yet.

The man in the photo, who will savor mulled wine in a minute is me and I kindly ask you not to pollute the planet with plastic, not to torment yourself with meaningless thoughts but boldly face the future!

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