Something Shocking

Do any of you believe in reincarnation?

Because I rather often have the feeling of déjà-vu. I have dreams of places I’ve never been to and am often suprised by parallels with the lives of people who have died long before.

It feels as I have some connection with Stefan Zweig, and not only because he is my favorite writer. Long before I read his works, I wrote short stories with plotlines similar to those that he wrote. This also includes trains of thought, the style of writing, perception of the world, not to mention certain biographical similarities. I felt quite strange when walking along the Prater.

Do you ever have similar feelings?

I’m quite confident that in a previous life I lived in the United States of America, doing business in the banking sector and smoking a lot. As a result, I constantly feel a certain nostalgia for the States, I love numbers and cough chronically.

Moreover, it seems quite likely that I died in a plane crash. I’m quite afraid of flying.

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