I like to experiment with myself. Most often by not allowing myself something unnecessary. Throughout the last year, I refused to consume something new each month: sweets, junk food, alcohol, coffee.

Following this, I returned to consuming each of the above in moderation. The easiest to eliminate was alcohol; the hardest was sweets. I’ll say it frankly, it’s difficult to kick the habit. When you do not allow your body what it usually consumes, it begins to protest. This manifested in me as a bad mood and slight splashes of aggression at the beginning, but this slowly went away.

The first week is the most challenging, but if you cope, you improve your physical well-being, brighten the mood and get an influx of energy. Well, just as all the advertisements claim. It works.

For the coming year I have even more ambitious plans to discipline my activities: to wake up an hour earlier than I really need, to take 20 minutes a day to learn German, to go to the gym twice a week, to set clear limits of spending time in social networks.

I myself am curious as to what will come of this. And how well do you fare with self-discipline?

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