Five things I would like to tell myself—when I was ten years younger.

  1. Your plans are meaningless. You will have to adapt to new situations, to change priorities, and to realize that your view of the world does not correspond to reality despite your attempts to see it the way you desire. However, you actually will make peace with this.


  1. You will become independent. The people and issues that you are so easily attached to now will not matter to you. You will therefore learn to transcend that which torments you now.


  1. You will never escape yourself. Never. There is no place to go. You are bound to accept yourself—and to find compromises within yourself. Believe me, this is not difficult. Just try to listen and understand yourself. And never be guided by “common sense” in making any decisions. This never works. You have very good intuition.


  1. Your childhood dreams will really be achieved very soon. However, will you be happy? You will still be dissatisfied with what you have now, though this is something you would have been very happy with a few years ago. You will have to accept this. You are painfully ambitious.


  1. The path you will follow will not be easy. But you will find yourself. At some point you will confront a major personal challenge. Good luck!

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