“Everything will be okay” is one of my least favorite phrases.

“Everything will be okay” is one of my least favorite phrases.

It’s hardly the case that such a phrase will help a person that came to you for advice or just came to you to get something off his or chest (in such a case, hugs are a much more effective remedy).

“Everything will be okay” marks some kind of undefined point, an incomprehensible theory, according to which it’s not clear what, when and under what circumstances everything will become “okay,”, and how “okay” should be measured in the first place. It seems like a commonly accepted platitude, which is meant to help in certain situations, but instead merely leads to a dead end.

I would think that it would be more correct to speak in a different way, to say instead, “Everything will be difficult, but you need to keep holding on. Because no matter how hard it gets, the sun will still rise in the morning. And you need to keep on fighting. No matter what.” That sound better and more authentic, woudn’t you say?

So, please, never say “Everything will be okay” to your loved ones. It’s better to just stay nearby.

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