“Invisible” is the social fiction book that addresses the social problems of people with unusual appearance. Four people, having diseases like Tourettes Syndrom, Vitiligo, Alopecia and face hemangioma meet at the social support group and decide to rent apartment together. They live and share their experience fighting bullying and prejudice. They speak on their feelings, attempts to integrate into society, and the way the society treats them.

Invisible is a book about what it means to be different. The book that encourages acceptance and tolerance.

A book about fear and escape, the necessity of being loved and accepted. It’s about permanent struggle with your complexes and attempts in order to start loving yourself. It’s about hard stories. But also about big hearts.

A man with my name

Rodwell Williams, introvert and curious reader, finds a mysterious manuscript in a bookstore. His life is immediately entangled with this discovery. He will follow the written paths of an enigmatic author as he unravels his own complex past. He knows only one thing for certain: we all change. And we become so very different from our former selves that if we chance to meet those from our past, we are strangers…

A Man with My Name captures that special moment when an opportunity is offered for self-exploration. You enter a perplexing world, a world of self-reflection where the past and the future meet, and only then can the best journey start, once you have the chance to return to the beginning of the path.

The Shadows of Our Dates

This new book of short stories is a collection of engaging narrative experiments. The author employs unusual forms in the construction of plot, which in combination with the emotional complexity of the texts creates a labyrinthine effect. The stories, while not interconnected, are united by the theme of closure.

The Shadows of Our Dates is a book about completion. It is a book about those full stops in life that conversations can provoke. It is about the cycles the life, cycles interrupted by other cycles, and about those crucial moments in our lives that alter the present or banish the past forever.

Role Plays

Role Plays is a book of short stories by a talented author the critics have called one of the most interesting Ukrainian writers today. The stories are characterized by a rich imagery and compelling philosophic meditations. Dynamic and fluid texts alternately accelerate and decelerate in tone and plot. The initial lost romantic transforms into a mature cynic. In these stories the characters search for motives to make sense of their lives. The vortex of modern life demands a constant change of roles. We wear masks that we change every day, depending on the situation. But we often forget what is a disguise, and what is real. Life is a game and people play it as best they can.

Personally Me Personally for You

This debut novel is written in the unusual form [for Ukrainian literature] of a hypertext, enabling readers to become the co-creators of the story. The novel depicts a broad range of inter-personal relations: passion, tenderness, intrigue, and a contemporary interpretation of being in love. Thirty-year-old Yura is living the typical life of a successful programmer with a stellar career, comfortable accommodation in a big city, beautiful women, and a reputation as a local Don Juan. Yura adores women and is addicted to them. He is an artist, seeking beauty and pleasure. Everything changes when he meets Sasha, whose appearance on the scene drastically alters the course of events. Yura must overcome obstacles of time and distance to find answers. What will become of him? Will he change after directly encountering Fate? Will he dare to confront it? Yura’s story prompts the reader to question—and reject—the fears of life and to give yourself and, maybe, someone else, a chance.